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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Damage Restoration


Fire damage can be extensive.  Beyond burning it can also cause damage from any resultant soot and smoke.  Significant damage can also result from the fire being extinguished.  Structural and surface water damage is a danger as well as subsequent mould growth.  On top of this there can be a lingering odour.

The earlier the environment within the property can be stabilised following a fire, the greater the chance of recovery.  It is therefore critical to get a professional contractor involved as soon as possible.

BES Group has extensive experience in fire restoration for both buildings and contents.  Our involvment will maximise the chance of restoration, saving time, money and precious memories.  Our technicians are adept at stabilising, cleaning, dealing with any resultant water damage, decontamination and odour control.

If you have any queries, would like a quotation or to discuss a potential project, please contact us.

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